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The Superfreak Sideshow is Distorted View's paid members site. The fees are currently Monthly for $6.99, Quarterly for $20, Semi-Annual for $35, Yearly for $66.99, and Lifetime for $299.

An older layout of the Sideshow
An older layout of the Sideshow



The Super Freak Side Show is The Distorted View Show's paid member site. When you join, you receive a password protected RSS feed for iTunes so you automatically receive all content.

Tim will beg, plead, and even threaten his listeners to join since it's his only source of income. Baby checks only go so far.


The Sideshow evolved from the early idea of a Distorted View Daily Aftershow (DVDA), announced on July 6th, 2006 and first attempted on August 23, 2006. On November 9th, 2006 Tim left his job, he got the idea for the name "side show" and the term "super freak." In the coming months, the concept of the Side Show was developed and the very first extended program was posted on February 6th, 2007.

In 2008, for a short time, Tim ran a promotion whereby freaks could sign up for a lifetime membership. A discount was given to then-yearly members.

In the beginning of the Sideshow, fees were $5 a month or $50 a year. Later on when Tim needed extra cash it went up slightly.

Extra Content

Extra content that Sideshow members receive:

  • Video casts
  • Bonus Shows on the weekend
  • Exclusive new Shows that are played only for paying members, free side get old shows that day.
  • Extended shows (an extra 10-35 minutes of show after the free show)
  • Ringtones
  • Photos
  • Access to the whole DV archive (600+ shows)
  • A metaphorical "reach-around" from Tim himself
  • And more...

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