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Distorted ViewTopics Replies Last Post
Freaks Unite!
A place for you guys to hang out, discuss the show, flame eachother, and other general ricockulousness.
Fri 12th 5:42 am
It Came From The Web
Find some weird shit on the internet? Post or link it here.
Wed 6th 10:23 pm
Bizarre Sex Terms
From "The Screaming Seagull" to "The Angry Pirate": Come here to learn all about bizarre sex positions/terms
Tue 20th 11:47 pm
The Music of DV
Have a question or comment about the music played at the end of the show?
Tue 22nd 8:22 pm
Spread The Distortion
Fun/sick/strange ways to promote Distorted View.
Tue 25th 1:26 pm
Distorted Anarchy
Unpoliced, unmodded, uncontrollable. Anything goes. Flame, offend, bitch and moan. We won't stop ya.
Thu 11th 9:25 am

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