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Date: February 24th, 2009

Premise: An abortion of a story. Quite literally.

Summary: Kimberly could feel her insides being torn apart. She and Mike were having sex while unknowingly double ovulating, although she knew she was impregnated. Soon after she forgets to take her birth control as the twins rapidly grow. Kim rushes to Mike's place and orders him for an abortion who in turn closes the door in her face. At 7 months she learns she's preggers with twins. She goes to a clinic to get a saline abortion all too excited to feel the death of her well developed babies inside. She is now overjoyed and smiling to see the fetuses squirm around in her belly. Even after all of the saline injections, the fetuses still cling on to life. The doctor jams forceps into her vagina pulling out charred remains and pierces the skull of the baby with scissors. Both fetuses now in the trash she shouts "I've won!"


  • We learn that children are parasites and maggots.
  • Kimberly reminds Tim of his own mother as she tried to abort him when he was a toddler.
  • "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps is played to cue the burning deaths of her twins.
  • "Diary of an Unborn Child" by Mark Fox is played.
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