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Aspiring actress Precious Taft appeared on Stairway to Stardom performing a monologue from a play called The Gingham Dog. The best part is the dramatic ending, where Precious (playing the part of Gloria) avows to bash her child's head against the "goddamned radiator". She then dramatically drops the microphone and the host creepily tells her how beautiful her performance was. The phrase "I'd bash his brains against the goddamn radiator" was first played on Distorted View on July 13th, 2006.


  • "And sometimes he was cinnamon and when he was, he was cinnamon when I hugged him and he was always equal parts you and me and that's why I loved him and-and wanted him. Because he was the love of the hutch embodied. And now the thought-the thought of that child curdles me and I, oh, I, oh Lord, I only thank the benevolent God for being wiser than me, because if a son existed now, I swear I’d bash his brains against the goddamned radiator!"


The nuanced monologue delivered by Ms Taft is from the play The Gingham Dog by Lanford Wilson, about marital tension between a mixed race couple. This tour de force of the dramatic arts lasted a full five performances during its Broadway debut in 1969.

The "hutch" referred to in the monologue was where Gloria and her husband Vincent lived:

Barbara: What was the hutch?
Gloria: That's what they called the place where we lived. One of the Black guys Vince played ball with, was up from Georgia, used to raise rabbits and he called the place the rabbit hutch because you can't imagine how cramped it got with eight or ten basketball players packed in there eating spaghetti.

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