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Jimothy Henson - the evil racist brother of Tim Henson.
Jimothy Henson - the evil racist brother of Tim Henson.

Jimothy "Pootsen" Henson (born August 2nd, 1980) is the evil twin brother of Tim Henson Jimothy Henson has made it his life's goal to tarnish the reputation of his older sibling. As a twin with an identical voice, Jimothy often inserts various racist and distasteful comments during the show.

Jimothy Henson first made an appearance on Distorted View on 3/16/2006, making fun of Miss Deaf Texas being hit by a train. But it should be clear it's not Tim Henson saying those awful things. As Tim Henson put it himself:

"That wasn't me doing that; it was my evil twin... Jimothy... Whenever there's something that I can't do for moral reasons, Jimothy is there."

"Wow, what a really mean show today. I'm usually not like that, right? Jimothy, get the hell out of here!"


Early life

Jimothy "Pootsen" Henson grew up with severe dyslexia and learning problems, experiencing great difficulty pronouncing names and remembering facts. Despite his family's efforts, his poor performance in school led him to a life of delinquency and crime. He entered Ashtabula's underworld at an early age, cooking meth and selling videos of homeless men stripping.

While Tim became a diligent student and talented actor, starring as Luigi the plumber in a school play, Jimothy dropped out of primary school and grew more frustrated with his brother's accomplishments. In his teen years he attempted to ruin his brother's life by pushing a child in front of his school bus. The accident left Tim desensitized, and he started contemplating a bizarre comedy show with cumfarts and freakish incidents. Jimothy was caught and sent to juvenile hall.

The source of his racism

It wasn't so funny back then."
It wasn't so funny back then."

Jimothy Henson was anally raped on the first day in Juvenile hall by Ohio-born rapper Bow Wow (then lil' Bow Wow). He and his "Mish Mash gang", composed of black, Jewish and Chinese members, quickly made Jimothy their cum dumpster and repeatedly raped him every night for three years, until he was released in 2003. A free and very racist man, Jimothy was now ready to make trouble again. As luck would have it, the Mish Mash gang was released on the next day. In the following years they paid Jimothy many more visits. Looking to not be raped, Jimothy started begging his brother to let him aboard his "media gravy train" and move to Cleveland. Tim agreed.

Now in the spotlight, Jimothy began to insert more and more racist commentary into Distorted View, turning the show from an intellectual comedy outlet into a gutter for foul race jokes. Jimothy Henson famously authored segments like "Black Friday" and "Crazy Ethnic People" and came up with various sound effects. He is fluent in fake Chinese, fake African and various foreign accents.

Criticism by public figures

Former French President Chirac: "A cumme farte is a cumme farte. Who cares what color bottom it came out of?"
Former French President Chirac: "A cumme farte is a cumme farte. Who cares what color bottom it came out of?"

Jimothy Henson's behavior has been commented on by several public figures:

  • Jacques Chirac (2007): "What a turd. It's obvious who the real host is. No matter how hard Jimothy tries to derail the show, Tim makes it classy again".
  • Tony Blair(2006): "I'd say Jimothy's racism peeves me, but I like Sextastic Tuesday".
  • Silvio Berlusconi(2006): "Tim's portrayal of Luigi the Plumber was spectacular, Jimothy is just a hack."
  • Dakota Fanning (2007): "Goo-goo, ga-ga, I like Jimothy better, you know, at least he doesn't make fun of me. Goo-goo. If you ask me, he brought class to this trainwreck of a show" (and then she shat herself).
  • Renee Zellweger (2009): The one who makes fun of Blacks, Gooks and Jews, or the one who rips on old people, kids and retards? I don't know, I like 'em both.

Independent Entertainment Career

  • Was an uncredited editor and camera man for the anti-science Creationist propaganda film 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed'. He was stuck from all official credits when it was learned he actually DID believe in Evolution, but only just enough to consider himself genetically superior to other races.
  • Currently earns his living maintaining the gold dust and baby oil dispenser for Joshua Mills Ministries where he is known as "the only staffer flaming enough to make Joshie look straight."

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