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This is the place you get to read about Timothy James Loquacious "Chicken Tetrazzini" Henson. He is the head freak in a distorted revolution, and a kitty cat! Go to to enjoy: Japanese scat porn, The Dickhole Guy, gay fisting porn, Christmas Shoes, and anything in between. For $5 a month or $50 bucks a year (that's like getting 2 months free!) you can get bonus content and access to the 1800+ past shows, so Sign up now!

Tim has a reputation for having the immune system of a palliative AIDS patient, but usually comes through with a great episode. Subscribe from the website, or through iTunes.

Add any thoughts or comments you want. It's a Wiki. It's not like it has any real info!


  • Loquacious was a kind soul, last time I talked to him his beard smelled funky, like it had been buried in ass for about 2 days or so. RIP, Tim. RIP. - TheThaiSexVictim
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