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Fizzled Out - Tim Henson's soda pop blog!



Tim Henson has more interests than just cumfarts -- he's really into soda pop! He announced he would make his own soda blog on March 14th, 2007, and lo, with the typical Tim Henson expediency, two years later, on April 19th, 2009, Fizzled Out was born. Tim blogs about everything soda, and even does a video cast or two! So if you're a soda pop connoisseur, take a second to check out Tim Henson's side project.


Tim talks about everything soda; from older products, can art, taste tests, new products etc... Here is an excerpt from The Magic Cool Cans Of 1990:

1990 was the year my soda nerdom first surfaced. I really should have prepared myself for all that was to come, but at the time, I was oblivious. All I knew was that I must collect all of the Pepsi Cool Cans. It was my mission, my burden, my legacy. I lived within walking distance of a small local grocery store that had a Pepsi vending machine out front, and I was there nearly everyday popping my quarters in. By the end of the summer I had amassed a garbage bag full of the empty cans. My mom threw them all away shortly after. I will never forgive her for that and I’m counting down the days until I can stick her in a darky, dingy nursing home.

The Cool Cans accomplished two things. First, it freshened up the stale pepsi look to appeal to younger drinkers. Its last major can redesign had been 1973. A year after the success of the Cool Can promotion, Pepsi made their first official logo change in almost 2 decades. Second, if you looked in the bottom of empty cans, some had a dollar value ($1, $5, $25, etc) which could be redeemed for cash.



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