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Monday; September 29th, 2008


  • 26:31

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great moments in law enforcement. I need my inhaler!

Stuff from the net

  • Hot doughnut cream facials!
  • A fat man responding to comments
  • A midget that doesn't sound like a midget, and the girl actually shocks on his cock

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Penis Amputations
  • Naked Clowns
  • Hot Steaming Diaper Fashions


  • A butt sniffer confession
  • Idea for a voicemail show gets shot down
  • A dog fucker has the same name as one listeners mother. And the same voice. Oh my!
  • Hundred Alexander is excited about facial hair and claims to have a girlfriend
  • A new fan likes the show, and forgives the fruitiness
  • French man Mr. Pussey pronounced his name "Pus-say". Which is a classy name for the vajayjay
  • Only half a week of shows? When there's no power, there's no show!
  • Final voicemail shows why there's no voicemail-only show

Outro Music

  • Politically Correct - SR-71
  • Support the United Negro College Fund


  • Tim prefers a clean-shaven scrotum
  • Tim exploits his parents by having them stand in for staff of a hospital on a phone call
  • If Tim had one day left with his penis, he'd rape graduates from the San Francisco clown school
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