DV Daily/Sep 25 2008

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Thursday; September 25th, 2008


  • 25:39

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Present: When teleprompters break down

Stuff from the net

  • Linda Finkle Hall of Fame nominees Ferocious Orgy Boys sing about hate-fucking and fresh erections
  • Eating toilet paper on the Discovery Channel
  • Crazy woman needs more Xanax
  • A 5-year-old pimp. Maybe he should give Victoria a call
  • Drag queen chasing a kid in a mall
  • Short clip of a woman afraid of a gigantic penis

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Butts Stapled Shut
  • Beating The Diabeetus Out of You
  • Monkey Ass Recognition


  • The show is awesome. Fucking awesome. And Xtube is awesome. Fucking awesome
  • Somebody doesn't get the show. Kthxbai
  • Anal Thursday causes odd stares. And public ass-torture audio
  • Freak Moment - Being a sucker for other peoples pain
  • Windowlicker should snort Tims cum?!
  • Insensitive reenactments at the grave of JFK
  • Tim should have recorded the calls to the tech support in India
  • The near dead don't look where they are driving...and get hit by a bus
  • The new Zune can handle the Sideshow feed
  • Hooray for Tim's back! Also, JOIN THE SIDESHOW!

Outro Music

  • Lights Out, by Butch Walker
  • "I had my first bukakke before I even knew what it was"
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