DV Daily/Sep 24 2008

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Wednesday; September 24th, 2008


  • 27:24

Intro Audio

Stuff from the net

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Abandoned Children With The Help of Craigslist
  • A Train Runs Through Us
  • Lick Your Own Blood


  • Somebody can't use a telephone
  • When's the last time you squirted hot lava out of your hot pocket? nudge-nudge
  • Eat shit, Jam Hole
  • Watching the kid shove a stick in his eye
  • Tims real dad calls in. Odd, he doesn't sound like Tims real father
  • Somebody's a dirty girl
  • Niche porn gets a whole new niche

Outro Music

  • Open Road Song, by Eve 6
  • "I'd like to smash your gaddamned head in"


  • More about the "Over 9000" meme
  • Indians pronounce "pubicpuff" as "poobicpuff"
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