DV Daily/Sep 08 2008

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Monday; September 08th, 2008


  • 24:57

Intro Audio

  • 'Thank God For Abortion' song

Stuff from the net

  • Teargas freaks out a reporter
  • Satan sent us Obama. How nice of him
  • A new Fat Man has emerged

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Banging the Car Wash Guy is NEVER a Good Idea
  • Igniting Your Gunpowder Filled Eyes
  • Jesus Has a Stiffy?


  • Inter-podcast smacktalk
  • People need to at least try to find out what a reference is themselves before calling to ask
  • Somebody cracks up from Jigoo
  • A furry calls in to clear up that not all furries are sexual deviants. Just most of them
  • A failed fake freak moment attempt
  • Why not start a wiki?
  • A drunk and blind listener says he made out with a black girl. How did he know?

Outro Music

  • Bleed American, by Jimmy Eat World
  • That was beautiful, Precious


  • More cases of people needing to speak clearly into their telephones
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