DV Daily/Sep 02 2008

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Tuesday; September 02th, 2008


  • 29:12

Intro Audio

  • Satanic Operatic Sextastic Tuesday opening

Sextastic Tuesday

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Domestic Presidential Abuse
  • The Snatch Is Out There. Believe!
  • Hot Live Nuetering


  • Michael Carrino educates us on the terminology behind banging your sister
  • Whoring off your daughter for a sideshow membership
  • Lesbian porn is not funny
  • Is the outra music really that predictable?
  • Somebody's fallen and they can't get up
  • Getting fired from K-TNB for being racist?!
  • When your music kills people in fires, why not help a benefit concert for a wildfire charity?

Outro Music

  • Nothing Further From The Truth, by God Or Julie
  • Bill O'Reilly says this fucking thing SUCKS

Notes People need to use new words for tit

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