DV Daily/Oct 23 2008

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Thursday; October 23rd, 2008


  • 27:00

Intro Audio

  • Retards singing (I've Had) The Time of My Life

Stuff found on the net

  • McCain bloopies
  • Crackhead on the subway
  • Shit in the shower, puking on it, and then playing with it
  • Cock gagging ...who the Hell is Verne?
  • More goddammed (and inappropriate) Kidz Bop

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Stinking of fish, but not like you think
  • Lawrence of Analia
  • The Legend of Old Shrimp Dick


  • Variation on the Bizarre Sex Term 'Reverse Blumpkin', incorporating the Upperdeck mechanics
  • Yes, that Sarah Palin joke...agian
  • People are already finding Kids Bop halloween
  • Stardust Cowboy is legendary
  • A song about marrying little boys
  • ...bongbong-pssh?
  • Shhh... somebody wants a gibberish ringtone pleas
  • Needs more Eww that's gross!

Outro Music

  • Bleed American, by Jimmy Eat World
  • Kneel and get ready to recieve the holy gay nigger seed!


  • The disorder for smelling of fish is called Trimethylaminuria, aka fish malodor syndrome
  • Shrimp Dick guy comes from Florida
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