DV Daily/Oct 22 2008

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Wednesday; October 22nd, 2008


  • 26:41

Intro Audio

  • Harry Potter and the Black Leather Cunt

Stuff found on the net

  • Racist Obama news
  • More news bloopies
  • Showing a girl how to give head...to yourself

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Jerking off the mentally handicapped
  • Dog on Fire - No longer just a song by They Might be Giants
  • Tumbledried toddler


  • One listeners My First DV
  • Village of the Tard movie
  • Freak Moment - Hearing about shoving ice cream up your ass makes me hungry
  • One listener gets a lesson in replaying old recordings
  • Asking for clips earns you annoying songs
  • Retard smashing a fan into his forehead
  • Stardust Cowboy calls in?
  • Hard to pick a village idiot in a town full of retards

Outro Music

  • Lemonade, by Marvelous 3
  • That bitch is naykid!


  • Sideshow video for todays subscribers
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