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Friday; October 10th, 2008


  • 27:29 (Free)
  • 40:15 (Extended)

Intro Audio

  • "Jump" parody, "Dump"! Might as well dump!

Stuff from the net

  • One of the best 911 calls ever - Most lethargic mother in the world discovers her sons head is missing
  • One of the worst rap clips ever
  • One of the juiciest cock gaggings ever
  • Jigoo 'mashup' of somebody just saying Jigoo a few times
  • All about Risperidone. The Fat Man is doomed
  • Encountering a naked woman by the road. "This bitch is naked!"

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • I'm Gonna Eat You're Boyfriend!
  • Mighty Morphing Castration Rangers
  • Fat People Like Food


  • No Sideshow RSS feed for the PSP. Just buy an iPod you cheapasses
  • Missing shows on the Sideshow? No, just Tim being lazy
  • Alternative option for RSS on the PSP
  • Sue Johanson quizzes Tim on his sex habits
  • We hate Matt from the Jam Hole
  • Who Shane MacGowan is
  • A rival to the name of Window Licker?

Outro Music

  • Diabeetus
  • Radio Tokyo, by Marvelous 3
  • Tim raps


  • Tim lays down some phat rhymes to show how much better he is than the bad rapper
  • The origins of the "This bitch is naked!" sound clip.
  • Tim advertises his Canckles restaurant
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