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Monday; October 06th, 2008


  • 28:19

Intro Audio

  • Soundclip compilation remix intro. "Lets get the gay out of the way"

Stuff from the net

  • Fat porn star falls on mans face. Repeatedly
  • Laughing Yogo Man is here again!
  • Choking porn

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • A Testicle Cookbook
  • School Administrators Flinging Shit
  • Space Porn!


  • How to get Windowlicker a Sideshow membership. And sabotaging the news networks!
  • The halloween skeleton wants to hand out some time
  • Cock cancer and the opinions of transvestite pornstars
  • Not everything on TV is real. Some are reenactments. At least, that's the excuse for bad acting
  • Masa Henson, you spilt my coffee!
  • What happenes to Santiago?
  • A day in the life of Tim

Outro Music

  • Drowning Man, by Greenwheel
  • How the the kids doing? The butt babies I left in your asshole last night
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