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Wednesday; November 26th, 2008


  • 31:54

Intro Audio

  • When your Digget Hoawd
  • Call in to a religous show, and how the Bible was cool with the rocket laucher

Stuff found on the net

  • Girl wants somebody to "Fuck that pussy dead"
  • Stuttering people sounds drunk
  • Tampon Man is in the house! And close the door you fat fuck
  • Hairdesser has a rival in Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?
  • The musical theme continues with a song from the viewpoint of a schizophrenic pedophile, called Little Boys

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Coocoo for cooking with cum
  • Poodle. It's what's for dinner
  • The house of dead cats


  • A listener written Sextastic Tuesday is on the way
  • Freak Moment - Shaking polaroid pictures like babies
  • Jack Bauer and boom goes the dynamite
  • A super-secret listener notes that McDonalds deserves to be sued
  • Bubblegum mousewash tastes of Jigoo!
  • Somebody is ready to make a sandwich
  • A Fed-Ex driver on valium exposes his father to DV
  • A beat up van with Free Candy gets towed

Outro Music

  • Tim sings Fred Schneider sings Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?


  • Tim promises to never use the word Oodles if you subscribe to the Sideshow. Don't think he's ever used the word since
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