DV Daily/Nov 25 2008

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Tuesday; November 25th, 2008


  • 28:53

Intro Audio

  • Sonny & Sis, siblings in love

Sextastic Tuesday

  • Classique edition - Bob Barker & The Price is Right, by Corey, complete with sound effects

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Trim Trim the Clown goes to jail
  • A surprise Access Entertainment Hollywood News Insider Report Extra Edition Tonight - Boy George is an S&M freak
  • Nine year old boy stabs a thieving girl with a pencil


  • Something is getting CB Walker angry
  • Somebody gets Rickrolled in a Japanese restaurant
  • Freak Moment - Catching your friends puke on a plate
  • Somebody lost the game
  • Somebody is an idiot
  • Somebody already has bagged Tim's ideal girl, but Timmy's up for sharing
  • Braille rap is actually taught in schools. Or at least performed. And Tim mocks the blind

Outro Music

  • Tim sings Karma Chameleon


  • DV hats, beanies and boxers by Crafty Threads up for the holidays, ideal gifts
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