DV Daily/Nov 24 2008

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Monday; November 24th, 2008


  • 32:30

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents Great Moments in: AOL cancellation calls

Stuff found on the net

  • Porno about the Enema Bandit entitled Water Power - based on a true story
  • Game nerd flips out playing Left 4 Dead
  • Braille Alphabet Rap

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Massachusetts Metro seats, now with free shit
  • When you have naked pictures, they will get on the Internet. It's the law
  • Austrailian kids get taught how to avoid bad speed and find good dealers


  • Rev misses Tim
  • Some odd song is played down the phone
  • Fat Man has a new fan. Guess only the blind can really love that guy
  • While a listener supports sponsor Adam & Eve, they do make a plee to not forget Tim and to join the sideshow
  • An offer to hook Tim up with an iPod...for a price
  • Yabbado Now is piped down the phone
  • Where's Vanilla Coke gone?
  • Apparently Jiggo is not correct, it's Schoo
  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a Sideshow Member! And wants to rape Tim. Who'd have thought it?!

Outro Music

  • Truly, Truly - The Fags
  • Respect the cock!


  • The clip about Left 4 Dead is easily recognised as Brad from a videogame show 4PlayerPodcast, known for his overreations to situations, particularly scary ones, and most famously the Fatal Frame series: prime examples here
  • Helen Hunt is invincible and can punch a twister in the face
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