DV Daily/Nov 21 2008

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Friday; November 21st, 2008


  • 29:16

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: cockgagging TV themes

Stuff found on the net

  • Some coffin dodgers sing rap
  • Return of the Board Meeting PSA, and a request from Tim to find an old PSA
  • My Stepfather Molested Me PSA
  • Juicy and pukey cockgagging

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Gnome hookers
  • Alcoholic Nazi's go to kill smelly people in style
  • Crazy Ethnic People in Africa cut off another cock


  • Listener Santiago reminds TIm it's his birthday
  • Freak Moment - Dogs like chili farts
  • Somebody offers to send Tim free stuff
  • License plate reads GODZGIRL, and a "Spoiled by God" bumper sticker
  • We'll join the Sideshow, but only if Masa Henson loves us
  • Business idea for a fried chicken shop TNB Chicken (aka. The Nations Best Chicken) complete with grape drink, watermellon and biscuits & gravy
  • Blind sideshow listener educates Tim on bigger girls and singing terminology
  • Alex Jones doesn't agree with Tim that the French did 9/11, and really doesn't sound happy about it

Outro Music


  • Tim 'accidentily' plays the wrong audio clips during the Adam & Eve promo
  • Brian Boom Goes The Dynamite Collins gets a job
  • Masa Henson comes from a Sextastic Tuesday, where Tim owns a slave: Sextastic Tuesday/Sept 30 2008
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