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Thursday; November 20th, 2008


  • 30:58

Intro Audio

  • The Distorted View song on piano, by Ty

Stuff found on the net

  • Crazy kiddy-touching cult The Family International
  • With the economy tanking, the news turns to thongs. Mmm, yeasty
  • Fat Man is back...again...and begging for pizza money
  • DV has made Ty famous?

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Jerking off in a pasta jar counts as resisting arrest
  • Machettee-wielding, murdering Granny
  • Fat people need concrete-reinforced ramps for sex


  • Shut Up Little Man is a legend in San Francisco, and how the recordings came about
  • Touch The Penis / Boy Pussy audio battle
  • Freak Moment - Large black women make one listener think of pancake syrup
  • Business venture idea for bumper sticker subversion
  • A vote for Obama is a vote for the Fat Man
  • What happened to What Is It?
  • DV almost gets somebody into a wreck
  • Virgin Sex Pet tries to get Tim in on the school board after his failure to vote Tim for president

Outro Music

  • Ghosts (Voices In My Head), by Dexter Freebish
  • Chew on that foreskin!


  • Tim mentions his cult Heaven's Oven
  • The birth of the "sweet, sweet boy pussy" soundclip
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