DV Daily/Nov 18 2008

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Tuesday; November 18th, 2008


Intro Audio

  • Dibolic Sextastic Tuesday intro

Sextastic Tuesday

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Ass cleaning divides the world. Shit business is serious business
  • Shit-powered cooking in China
  • Collecting social security from a corpse on the toilet
  • Peanut butter doesn`t dissolve the body of your dead wife


  • Ketamine is not a daterape drug
  • Eating diner with watching videocasts
  • Pickle surprise!
  • Everybody was kung fu fighting!
  • Somebody else yelling at Christmas Shoes so Tim doesn`t have to
  • Thanks for `the package`

Outro Music


  • Shit Dildo meets Shit Burgers
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