DV Daily/Nov 17 2008

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Monday; November 17th, 2008


  • 28:43

Intro Audio

  • Emo kids cut and wish they were dead like the trees

Stuff found on the net

  • Pulling out a deers very pretty rectum
  • Anal examination instructional videos
  • Scream Queens - retards in horror movies
  • Check my record. And by record, I mean vagina
  • Ricki Lake says you`re too fat to be a drag queen
  • Shemale trying to bang a blowup doll can`t get it up
  • Shemale Scat House
  • Teabagged by Craigslist

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Dateraping with holywater
  • Accepting cookies from the enemy seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Fight the economy with an month-long, anything-goes, nude-party


  • Tee-hee-hee
  • News reporter trips while stomping on grapes
  • Claiming Yabbadabbado comes from Yogi Bear
  • Deceased grandmothers are now ruined
  • Fat Man vows to never retire...again
  • Old people apparently simultaneously start stunt driving
  • Stories about Natalie Portman are funny
  • Tim is caught out trying to stop kids getting hands on guns
  • Old people can`t vote. Or count

Outro Music

  • Lights Out, by Butch Walker
  • Anal examination instructional audio


  • Tim notes he needs to do some rectal excerise
  • Tim shows off his knowledge of lion taming
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