DV Daily/Nov 13 2008

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Thursday; November 13th, 2008


  • 26:49

Intro Audio

  • Fat Man endorses DV
  • Man scared by his babys massive shit

Stuff found on the net

  • Bad porn acting
  • I need ass!
  • Porno with brain cancer
  • Man tortures toddler on treadmill
  • Alexyss K Tylor interviews Duke, the man with the pump for a penis

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Door to door flashing
  • Macaroni for dinner? Sounds like a new PSA
  • Drunk driving and pissing in a police car


  • Yabbadabbado now should be a ringtone
  • Tim is reassured thatthge show is getting better and better...
  • ...and then is called a retard
  • Housefires now make people think of DV
  • Linda Finkle Hall of Fame nomination for Made Out Of Baby
  • Everybody's falling on hard times
  • Somebody pretends to be upset at mandatory euthanasia

Outro Music

  • Start Again, by July For Kings
  • Welcome to McDonalds / I have brain cancer
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