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Friday; November 07th, 2008


  • 29:58

Intro Audio

Stuff found on the net

  • The Polite Vampire - Directors Cut!
  • Fat girls sitting on heads
  • Crazyman interrupting newsreporter
  • Sex on craigslist?! shocker!

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Take my limbs!
  • Doctor rapes suicidal transgender
  • Stealing gas by candle light


  • Burning boyfriend story sparks musical interludes
  • Friends don't let friends play friends Sextastic Tuesdays
  • Magistrates dealing cocaine
  • Freak Moment - Burning baby causes displeased mother
  • Offensive bumper sticker
  • Sideshow-only reference about a careless fairy
  • Yabbadabbado--SHUT UP ABOUT WEIRD AL!
  • Sex noises
  • Encountering homeless sex
  • Yabbadabbado now is apparently funny
  • Freak Moment - Diabeetus

Outro Music

  • Radio Tokyo, by Marvelous 3
  • I'm a sucker for other peoples pain
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