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Wednesday; November 05th, 2008


  • 23:55

Intro Audio

  • Horny Muppet calls Miss Piggy

Stuff found on the net

  • Voting for Tim in the election vs throwing your vote away on somebody with no chance, and racism is over
  • Man dressed as pig fucks woman
  • Hot woman banged by nerd

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Crystal meth for trick or treat
  • A big pile of shit for Obama
  • More cutting off of cocks


  • Being a cheapass Sideshow membership is still value for money
  • Believing Digimon is real
  • Fuck you if you are not from Palm Beach County
  • Vote for Tim in the Podcast Awards...AND for President
  • Concerns over how a Sextastic Tuesday author ends a story suddenly
  • Tims impression of Natalie Portman makes listener horny
  • Kidz Bop for one listeners kid
  • Freak Moment - Traffic accident comment has one wife giving the evil eye
  • "Take me to practice" will stop girls wanting kids

Outro Music

  • Freak, by Live
  • Laughing midget


  • Tim recounts the infamous ashy crosses in a propective house he looked at some time ago
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