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Monday; November 03th, 2008


  • 28:01

Intro Audio

  • Fark.com promo
  • Some nerd rants about Sony

Stuff from the net

  • Fat Man returns...retires...returns...retires TWICE...returns...reti--you get the idea.
  • The music of How's Your News? - Stardust Cowboy has a rival
  • Yabbadabbado Now mash-up
  • Fat Man endorses Obama for President. Oh, and Fuck honor and victory, folks!
  • Obama visits 57 States...one left to go!
  • Infuriating chimpmunk kid on YouTube

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Nudist polling stations for Florida
  • There's a mouse in my hotdog!
  • Public toilet turned art gallery


  • Racist jokes
  • Spreading the distortion during drinking games
  • Leaking pen inspires Distorted Blue moment
  • Hot sexy times with DV hookups?
  • Getting what you wished for - being too much of a freak?
  • Somebody wants Tim to suck dick and get tits squeezed
  • Freak Moment - Jerking off on a plane, and BMW is the Big BM
  • Listening to DV in one ear = only half distorted?

Outro Music

  • Radio Whore, by Orbit
  • PBS presents this program in color... that's racist!
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