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Friday; March 27th, 2009


Intro Audio

  • Great moments in documentaries: crazy eco nuts.

Stuff Found on the Net

  • Tina is back on the YouTubes!
  • LitErotica.com audio clips that missed the mark.
  • Judge Judy moment; some teen pushed another teen into the pool. We get a wonderful definition of rocket science.
  • Thank you to Earl: don't call 9/11 if someone steals your beer. It was a 40. TNB...

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Score One For The Pedophiles?
  • Stump Punching
  • A Digusting Fetish Combo Shot


  • Chuck Lemon calling in about Slave Girl Sophia.
  • A guy mentioning a song called "Gonorrhea".
  • A guy giving an update on Adam Curry.
  • A guy mentions yesterday's Sideshow exclusive program.
  • Someone from Colorado with a bizarre sex term.
  • Richard talking about yesterday's Sideshow episode.
  • A longtime listener read a story of a dumb ass in Vietnam. Dynamite fishin'!
  • Jim has a freak moment.
  • Asparagus Freak checking in with another semi-freak moment.
  • The Long-Legged-Mac-Daddy asks Tim about things he never ends up doing. The SodaCast for instance?

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • "Rocket Science is when the scientists find out things about space".
  • "Radio Tokyo" by Marvelous 3
  • Barry Glazer; legal advocate for the urinated upon.


  • Huzza! Let's all get Tina to #1!
  • Fuck-lips is the best word ever.
  • Hottest sex ever... Tim fucking himself. Did your Digget Hoawd?
  • How's Your News? group sings us what they think is the most fucked up state.
  • A1 class sex freak MILF: fucking dogs and watching kiddy porn.
  • There's currently no law in Florida about bestiality; so all you animal lovers, get your asses to Florida before it's too late. (Except with porcupines. That's illegal)
  • Mr. Rogers audio used.
  • In Illinois, it's not illegal for a strange man to tickle kids! Watch out for Mr. Mac.
  • God bless the 1st Amendment.
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT DIAPER FETISH; e-mail Tim Henson right away.
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