DV Daily/Mar 24 2009

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Tuesday; March 24th, 2009

Free: 38:03
Extended: 52:30

Intro Audio

Stuff Found on the Net

  • DV freak Diaper Bill lets us know that the adult diaper community is listening. We get the low-down on the AB/DL fetish.

Sextastic Tuesday

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Junk Mail: "Your Husband Is Banging A Hooker"
  • Severe Vomiting Syndrome
  • Hitting A Horse On The Head With a Dildo


  • Some guy asking for help: KFC... near dead... unsavories...
  • Bill O'Reilly calling in.
  • Mary Reilly wears Christmas Shoes.
  • Jay recommends games for the Wii. That, and The Honk.
  • The Curried Cunnie Licker lets us know that if woman eat curry, their pussy will taste like it.
  • Chris from Wisconsin claims to be asexual.
  • Chickadee telling us about a bad day. Also asks if Tim has ever been to Flex. What a sweet girl.
  • A guy wants to share his misery; you're a downer compared to Chickadee. Mentions Kidz Rock.
  • A guy hates the Welsh as much as Tim hates the Jews. So he's got a proposition of murder. No.

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • The Honk.
  • "Trouble" by Butch Walker
  • "She Loves My Cock" by Jackyl


  • Tim's mouth is really juicy today.
  • Tim thinks he has the talent of down syndrome garden slug. What a comparison; he's too hard on himself.
  • We get to hear Tim's mommy! She's a sweetie.
  • Catch Tim at Smirk's Comedy Shanty! What's the deal with stairs?
  • The Honk audio played.
  • Tim loves garlic... but hates curry.
  • A drag queen would always assault poor Tim when he was in Columbus.
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