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Friday; March 20th, 2009


Intro Audio

  • Great moments in angry Jew public television.

Stuff Found on the Net

  • Another installment of sex in prison. It's like the Digget Hoawd guy.
  • Bloopies! This time a news bloopie.
  • Corey's new mash-up: Do You Really Want to Beat Me?
  • Another news Bloopies involving Stephen Colbert (Bad attempt at syntax/morphology. It's TWEE-TED, not TWAT-TED).
  • Sabotage regarding a retard beating a cat.

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Fart Suspensions
  • Your Wang Firmly Pressed On Your Living Room Window
  • Showing A Little Breast, Smoking A Little Crack


  • Straight men who like cock community checking in.
  • A caller is so excited about callers helping the show that he's going to record each sound of the Bristol Stool Chart.
  • A guy from Minnesota calling in regarding asexual people.
  • A guy calling in regarding Halo sex story?
  • A Dr. calling in regarding Tim's health. He's got the HIV. Avoid the glory holes at Cock-Eye'd Dicks.
  • The German community calling inviting Tim in.
  • The Dead Bunny is pissed about the video-cast.
  • Someone calling in taking a shit. Bravo. A++++
  • The Monkey community calling in; if you join you'll parish.

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • The black prisoner.
  • Radio Tokyo - Marvelous 3
  • Tim singing some theme.


  • GO VOTE FOR JULY FOR KINGS. Fuck those diabetic kids.
  • Slow news day.
  • Enough of the community calls already.
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