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Wednesday; March 11th, 2009


Intro Audio

  • Great moments in tech support phone calls. THE STUPID MACHINE KILLED MY PAPER...

Stuff found on the net

  • CNN has been reporting about that Rape sim talked about before on the show. The girl is preggo? Abort it or throw her in front of a train; a decision a rapist must ponder...
  • Brittany's audio oopsie. MY PUSSY IS HANGING OUT!
  • Fuck my Life entries.
  • UROClub! When you gotta go...
  • Cock-gagging audio that's not natural. You don't drink milk while giving head.
  • Useless gambling advice on slot machines.

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Retard Fight Club
  • Porn Stars Are Hurting, Too
  • Why You Shouldn't Use Saws As Sex Aids


  • Long Legged Mac Daddy calling in about the monkey future.
  • Bea Arthur warns us to not listen to Butch Walker. You'll become a Careless Fairy.
  • An Aussie calling in letting us know that him and his girl have a love/hate relationship towards Sextastic Tuesday.
  • A freak calls in telling us know that the new Pres in the USA is TNBing it up.
  • Someone who's under the spell of Mrs. Medusa.
  • A freak calls in pointing out that you can't post a suicide video on YouTube. It has to be live.
  • The underage community wants Tim in. Never again.
  • A new sideshow freak was clarifying a reference from yesterday's show.
  • A guy calling in about MP3 compression. It's about convenience to get them all at once; not a quality issue.

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • Playing slots isn't magic. It's playing correct.
  • Medicine, by Orbit
  • Ew it's sour!


  • Tim's vista problems are here again. His computer freezes and he can't do the show intro because of it. Professional as always.
  • Crichton Leprechaun audio used.
  • Timmy's real tired, and cranky. He needs a nap and a samich.
  • Tim trying to be creative when suffering from extreme exhaustion is funny.
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