DV Daily/Jul 25 2008

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Friday; July 25th, 2008


Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great Moments in Emergency Phone Calls

Stuff from the Internet

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Racist License Plates
  • The Most Expensive Ass In Britain
  • Nude Photo Shoot While In Cardiac Arrest


  • I'm so fucking stoned right now
  • Sextastic Tuesday upsets more people
  • Electro Baby liked Sextastic Tuesday, though
  • Happy Birthday to the Window Licker
  • Goddammit
  • More interviews please?

Outro Music

  • Don't get to upset, they might not be dead
  • "Radio Tokyo" by Marvelous 3
  • Get that camera out of my motherfucking face
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