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Thursday; July 24th, 2008


  • Free: 24:51
  • Sideshow: 40:00

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great Moments on the Adult Home Shopping Network

Stuff from the Internet

  • Estelle Getty has gone the way of the Dodo
  • Anime porn dubbing
  • Creepy game show contestant barks at women

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • The Force Will Rape You
  • The Pantyhose Bandit
  • You Can’t Get In Girls Pants If They’re Wearing Tight Jeans


  • A Sextastic request.
  • Thanks for the free extended show.
  • Rock Lobster!
  • Yes, the extended show was intended. Tim can be nice
  • Why didn't you train wreck me?
  • Extended show... blah blah blah.
  • Somebody channeling Alex Jones.
  • You're amazing, Tim, but what other shows do people like?

Outro Music

  • "It's made of horse urine"
  • "Trouble" by Butch Walker
  • Tim sings Golden Girls... Bahhh-ba-ba-baaahhhh!


  • Tim plays a clip of him singing the Golden Girls theme.
  • Tim sums up anime plots in one swift move.
  • The Butt Flu - The new name for AIDS.
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