DV Daily/Dec 10 2004

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Friday; December 10th, 2004


News Of The Weird

  • What's more fun than a funeral, you ask? An off-roadin' funeral! Yee-haw! Hell yeah, buddy.
  • Screwing his way through the U.K., one man bangs every woman he can find on Internet dating sites.
  • Plus, the Romanian Prime Minister wants to fuck your wife!

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • "Drowning Man" by Greenwheel
  • Tim admits he fucked up when he said "See you tomorrow" on a Friday.


  • Tim reports that Damageplan were shot at during a concert in Columbus, Ohio on the 8th.
  • First time Tim fucks up a long word.
  • Possible contender to yesterday's Mother Of The Week.
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