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Tuesday; December 9th, 2008


  • 26:24

Intro Audio

  • Fark.com intro
  • Sextastic Tuesday into - random sex noises.
  • AdamEve.com promo.

Sextastic Tuesday

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Killer karaoke.
  • Why won't you cook me?
  • Area mastubator satisfies self, kills 2.


  • Big Ben from Texas calling in complaining about Tim's pronunciation of "Crayon". It's CREA-ON, not CREE-ON.
  • A caller calls into the show about the live show.
  • Rob from Cleveland calling in to tell us he's re-subscribing to the sideshow. He didn't abandon us.
  • Danny from Montana (A lady? Or an 11-year-old boy?) calls in with an ironic moment.
  • A faggot caller calls in about Wal-Mart and how he bought something on AdamEve.com
  • Christmas Shoes. Ugh.
  • Scary Bob calling in regarding a freak moment.
  • Lucas calling in about the weekend sideshow. He's wondering if Tim would have his boyfriend on the show. The answer is no.
  • A guy sings "Jack me Off; Tim Henson".

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • "It's Not Unusual" cover by Tim
  • "Into the Black" by Butch Walker
  • "This bitch is naked!"


  • Tim retails us of his computer problems. Fucking VISTA. But this time it was his fault, not Microsoft's.
  • You clamp down on that tit audio used.
  • Tim sings to us: "I'll Be", "I Want You", "It's not Unusual", "I Drove All Night" and "My Heart Will go On".
  • Close burn-out of the Tada sound. There was a lot that was impressive today.
  • Being stabbed 68 times is over-kill.
  • Ordinary World is still the creepiest song ever.
  • Tim tells us about his shitty Jeta in Ashtabula.
  • Tim is too lazy to use the Freak Moment audio clip.
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