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Friday; December 05th, 2008

Duration 32:07

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents; Star Trek nerds speaking Klingon

Stuff found on the net

  • One Guy, One Cup - So much blood, so little panic. This can't have been the first time he did this
  • Two Guys, Two Girls - So much cockgagging, so little air. This can't be the first time they did this
  • Dating on Demand - "Imma sucka for money"

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • The Legend of Old Meltyskin
  • Cheeseburger assault! Florida wins again. The definition of win may differ.
  • Germans masturbating to death


  • A serenade about...something
  • OJ gonna get raped
  • Tim gets Scatted
  • A request for a full length CD
  • A belated congratulation for the Adult Podcast award
  • Pizzeria and Netcafe amalgamations, and the grocery store automated express till shows technology and the elderly don't mix
  • Tim doesn't reply to emails, but Tim tries to justify by saying he's starting to make an effort
  • Bizarre Sex Terms - The Dirty Ferret, The Walrus, The Divot
  • Concerns on the suitability of the bumper stickers, but of course the plan to sabotage other peoples cars is always on the table

Outro Music

  • Radio Tokyo - Marvelous 3
  • Duke Nukem invades Ventrilo. Jigoo!


  • Tim starts off the show reflecting on the Live Show yesterday
  • Nostalgia for old McDonalds mascots and Happy Meal toys
  • Vote at podcast alley, and while there you can vote at podcast alley. Vote. Alley. Podcast.
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