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Wednesday; December 03rd, 2008


  • 31:16 (Free)
  • 48:15 (Extended)

Intro Audio

  • Oh Holy Night by what sounds like a Shatner wannabe. Except tone-deaf. LET THE EAGLE SOAR...

Stuff found on the net

  • Man cries over a public library closing
  • S&M video with the Dick Hole Girl!
  • Make your dick & nuts smell wonderful with Ismellperfect.com

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Man strips naked in front of children to prove he's not on Meth. Ooo Meth!
  • Teenagers abusing the elderly. Spanking and 'improper touching', very kinky
  • Legend of the maggot woman. There's always cats and dirty houses...


  • Singing and puking (Sideshow reference)
  • Somebody didn't like Sextastic Tuesday yesterday
  • We've a Rapologist listening?
  • Tim going from a goddammed dog death dedication and not realising
  • Chistmas Shoes...again...
  • Shut Up Little Man is explained...again...
  • A happy customer of sponsor Adam & Eve is indeed 'happy'
  • Nasal Viagra
  • A video for the Grandma Jiggaboo skit is requested

Outro Music

  • Think of England - The Clarks
  • Tim describes Links adventures. A legend, in fact. And finding a sword. A masterful sword


  • Why not gift a subscription to the Sideshow for Christmas
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