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Monday; December 01st, 2008


  • 33:16

Intro Audio

  • Why choose between jerking off on a persons face or chest?
  • Farting/fisting Jingle Bells remix

Stuff found on the net

  • The story of where Shut Up Little Man came from
  • Yahoo! Answers archive. Cousin-fucking, half-virgins and masturbating kids
  • Tim recalls a young, hispanic, retarded Mr Burns he knew in middle-school
  • The mentally handicapped are not really suited for singing

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • A 'not guilty' plee to "non-consentual carnal intercourse against the order of nature". Prayer beads are not meant for that!
  • Adult diapers are not fire resistant
  • LARPing in Olde England


  • A sick Windowlicker struggles to make it through shows
  • Freak Moment - Vampire chick-flick movies have a very polite vampire
  • Somebody believe /b/ is the source of all hate on the internet
  • Puking during cackgagging turns things into Seinfeld
  • A very good impression of the overzealous porn director
  • Listener notes a site for porn Tim has used before
  • DV makes somebody so 'excitied' that they are late for a job interview
  • Retards realise Tim is a werewolf?
  • Somebody blames DV for being poor
  • Congratulatory comments for the Mature Show Podcast Award

Outro Music

  • Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World
  • Shut Up Little Man!
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