DV Daily/Aug 29 2008

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Friday; August 29th, 2008


  • 24:09

Intro Audio

Stuff from the net

  • The stupid bitch is back with an update
  • Another teenager wants a baby so bad, she'll bang people with HIV
  • Walker tells kids they have AIDs
  • Ridiculous porn voices

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Making Love, Machete Style
  • Gangsta Porn Stars?
  • Jesus is a Spitter


  • Summing up the premise of Battle Royale, which our hero Tim believes sounds a fantastic idea
  • Tim helps cause money troubles for the unemployed
  • Corey is on the front of EBaum's World with I Fisted A Girl
  • New contenders for Sabotage
  • Some bullshit failure
  • Until Tim gets a million daollar, he's not going anywhere
  • Merrill Howard Kalin checks in

Outro Music

  • Radio Tokyo, by Marvelous 3
  • "Even for the Internet, it's...pretty shocking"


  • No Monday show due to holiday. Tim needs some time off, too
  • The first time we hear Walker Texas Ranger / AIDs soundclip
  • Anybody else think the woman in the porn clip sounds like R2-D2 screaming?
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