DV Daily/Aug 28 2008

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Thursday; August 28th, 2008


  • 29:06

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great Moments in Tech Support Phone Calls

Stuff from the net

  • The Furries are pissed at Tim about Sextastic Tuesday. Tim is not fooled
  • Alexyss K Tylor goes off about a woman being fucked into dehydration. Or something...
  • The B52s have subliminal messages. Tim tries his hand at his own
  • A man really likes his body
  • Tea-kettle orgasms

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Reunited Perverts…And It Feels So Good
  • Granny Falls Down A Luggage Chute…Willingly
  • The Tip of That Katana Just Got Me, Odell


  • Snagglepuss has a broken iPod...?!
  • Happy Birthday, Tim...again...
  • Knock knock...who's there?
  • The Retarded Policeman, about, well, a retarded policeman
  • The Jam Hole and "your mother" jokes
  • Fan-favourites like Aunt Jemima Bangs Mrs. Butterworth, Scott Taylor and the Shit Slurper

Outro Music

  • Lights Out, by Butch Walker
  • Fried cheese...with club sauce...
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