DV Daily/Aug 25 2008

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Monday; August 25th, 2008


  • 24:25

Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great Moments in televangilism Your butt ain't made for that!

Stuff from the Internet

  • Cheryl reading some a personal ad from a gay guy up for what seems like anything
  • More YouTards singing
  • Allison is Internet-famous!
  • Fat Man cannonballing in a pool
  • Incest porn(?!) and the resulting pregnancy

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Poor People Hate Toilets
  • Americans are Stupid, Thank You Yahoo Answers
  • Tiny Pee Pee Makes Court Appearance


  • Forget Xbox vs PS3, it's all about time machines and the TRS80
  • Pictures of assholes. And we do mean assholes
  • Morning vs Evening postings
  • Cornswalled is in trouble
  • Virgin Sex Pet tries to clear up a mile-long list of misunderstandings and opinions

Outro Music

  • Into the Black, by Butch Walker
  • I want to touch people! I want them to touch meeee!
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