DV Daily/Aug 22 2008

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Friday; August 22nd, 2008


  • 24:51

Intro Audio

  • Fat Man intro
  • I see pretty girls everywhere I go

Stuff from the Internet

  • The Fat Man comes out of retirement, eats some bread, then retires again
  • Woman orgasms with musical screams
  • Gay man gives instructional blow job class
  • Black Friday special: we all love white girls

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Choking on Your Walking Stick
  • Flaming Farts of Doooooom
  • The Amazing Diaper Boy


  • Bizarre Sex Term: The Tim Allen, and a Chris Crocker reality TV show
  • A late birthday message
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous and Don't Cry Out Loud
  • A blind listener is annoyed at no show in the mornings
  • Did you 720p notice Fat Man 720p was in glorious 720p? 720p
  • Somebody is really not happy about...something. Dogs are involved, though

Outro Music

  • Radio Tokyo, by Marvelous 3
  • Scott Taylor describes his penis
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