DV Daily/Aug 21 2008

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Thursday; August 21st, 2008


  • 26:38

Intro Audio

  • Cheryl interrupted intro
  • Proudly Presents: Racial sensitivity training

Stuff from the Internet

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • TV News Reporter Wants Another Co-Anchor (...in bed!)
  • Hot Pink Panties and Scalding Water To The Face
  • Cement Gnome to the Head


  • Small condoms are not 'small'. They are 'snug'
  • Asking Tim for moral advice won't end well
  • Katy Perry checking in
  • Retard likes graham crackers
  • How to use IRC
  • CB Walker video is funny
  • A listeners favourite other podcasts

Outro Music

  • It's like I'm walking on sunshine!
  • ”Chasin' Girls” by The Clarks
  • Clip from a skank reveal


  • Tims imagining of newscast-themed sex involved a girl called Janet having balls that Jim is sucking on. That's our Tim for you!
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