DV Daily/Aug 19 2008

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Tuesday; August 19th, 2008


  • 30:46

Intro Audio

  • Satanic Operatic Sextastic Intro

Stuff from the net

  • Fat Man is back. Again. With a fat-shakeup. In glorious 720p!

Sextastic Tuesday

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Penis Biters
  • Carved Eyeballs
  • Shit Flinging


  • A new sideshow member regales us with an age-old joke
  • The Greatest. Intervention. Ever.
  • More about a [Linda Finkle Hall of Fame] nominee
  • An introduction about the The Gay Nigger Association of America
  • Horrible, horrible music
  • A belated birthday

Outro Music

  • Cory mashup Lump
  • Cut that bitch off!
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