DV Daily/Aug 06 2008

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Wednesday; August 6th, 2008


Intro Audio

  • Proudly Presents: Great Moments in Public Access Television...holy cow

Stuff from the Internet

  • Douche it out...douche it out!
  • Angry transvestites go woo-woo!
  • A new nominee; a small boy singing about sex

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • Door-To-Door Underwear Researchers
  • Greek Decapitation
  • Bear Or Woman?


  • Happy birthday, from a new sideshow member
  • Cornswalled could get cornholed
  • This computer doesn't care what it's mother thinks, it's going to happy a baby
  • I Kissed A Girl parody
  • Freak Moment: The Henson name gets around
  • Wing should be in the Hall of Fame
  • Happy birthday, you little cocksucker
  • Tim fucked up...apparently
  • How to treat your mother to a special time on your birthday

Outro Music

  • Are you sexy naked?
  • "Freaks" by Live
  • Support the United Negro College Fund
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