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Ronald James "Ron" Kind is a Democratic congressman who represents Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. In 2006, during the race for congress, he was the target of a bizarre smear campaign, orchestrated by his opponent, Republican candidate Paul R. Nelson. The ad found its way into Tim Henson's hands during the election and was played on Distorted View on October 27th, 2006.

Content of the Ad

Nelson claimed that Kind was spending a large portion of government funds not on our soldiers, but on sex. He claimed Kind spent millions of dollars on bizarre sexual research, including:

  • The sex lives of Vietnamese prostitutes,
  • Masturbatory habits of old men,
  • The lives of the bi-sexual transgendered free-spirited Aleutian Eskimos,
  • ...and last but certainly not least, what would happen if teen girls watched pornographic movies with sensors connected to their genitalia?

The tagline for the ad was "Ron Kind pays for sex, but not for soldiers". That he may do, sir, but he certainly doesn't write and publish his findings in a scientific, peer-reviewed journal. I should know, I've looked, long and hard.



Election Results

Kind beat Nelson, getting 65% of the popular vote.


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