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President Melissa is the star of a recurring audio clip featured on Distorted view. He is a homeless man, most likely insane, who was video-taped and placed on YouTube.

The clip features the man shouting "I am the President of the United States! My name is... MELISSA!"

The Untold Truth

Although never mentioned anywhere at all, it's an unlikely, yet elaborate, fact that Melissa is in fact, Tim's true father! The reason to believe this is their common dream to be president of the United States. In January 20, 1981, Mister Bartholomew "Melissa" Rodgers became president after 10 long years of planning and campaigning with total intent to bring peace to the country and lead America to true greatness.

Sadly, within an hour, Ronald Reagan had bought his way into the White House, shattering all of Melissa's hard work. Because he had funded his campaign solely with his own money and quit his job to pursue his dream, Melissa was totally bankrupt. The U.S government also turned a blind eye to him, removing his name from every type of government related organization. A mockery as a husband, his wife and children left him and burnt their house down in total rage and disgust. Melissa soon after went mad and disappeared...

26 years later, an unnamed man with a video camera recorded a random bum's seemingly mad ramblings. Little did he know, that it was the ex-president himself. As with most videos that make it onto the Internet, it circulated for a few months until it was picked up by one Tim Henson. Totally intrigued by this video, Tim became obsessed and decided to find this bum. After a month of tracking disguised as "sick days", Tim finally found him. When they finally met face to face, they both noticed an incredible likeness in each other. After Melissa told Tim his life story, it all clicked. Tim always had very vague memories of a different father and moving house without him when he was 2 years old. To make sure, they took a DNA blood test and lo and behold, Melissa was proved to be Tim's biological father! However the blood tests also revealed that Melissa had rare disease to which there was no cure.

Melissa died soon after. It was almost as if he was keeping himself alive to see his son one last time. On his father's deathbed, Tim made an oath to carry on his father's dream and become president of the United States. This story has been kept a secret until now for fear that the government might silence Tim one way or another to cover their evil crimes against Melissa. But he'll never stop fighting no matter how strong his enemy is! Tim is a True American Hero!