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Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.
Crazy redneck
Name Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.
Other names Glenn Miller, Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr.,
Birth November 23, 1940
Years active 1980 - 2014


Glenn Miller; former leader of the Carolina branch of the KKK, grabbed the media's attention in March 2010 with radio advertisements for his US Senate campaign. His campaign is simple -- to stop anything that is getting in the pure white man's way: which includes all Jews, blacks or anything else not white and American.

According to his website, Glenn is a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant with 20 years active duty; including two tours in Vietnam and 13 years in the elite Green Beret paratroops. He attended three and a half years of secondary education at Johnston Tech Collage in Smithfield, North Carolina. He is married with 5 children and quote: "43 years actively working for rights of White people".


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Gay Rumors

Rumors about Glenn Miller's sexual orientation have been sparked by Glenn's "gay 70's porn star" mustache and the tendency for closeted homosexual conservatives like Ted Haggard to be raging douche bags. To date no actual evidence or accusations have surfaced, but folks are asking questions.

Spree Shooting and Murder

On April 14, 2014, he was identified as the gunman behind three killings outside of a Jewish center and requirement home. Despite his extensive past as a white supremacist, he apparently had no record of violence before the shootings.

He will face hate crime charges and reportedly screamed "Heil Hitler!" during his arrest.



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