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The Distorted View Show has been around for a decade and there have been many re-occurring sound bites. Many listeners have called into the show asking for the origin of old clips that are played. Since Tim Henson gets tired of explaining the same information over and over, and the archives are now only available to Sideshow freaks, he asked for suggestions from the freaks on how to correct this problem. Thus, the Freakipedia was created.

Everything compiled here is by the freaks and for the freaks. There will be some information excluded (such as Sideshow exclusive information unless it is played on the free side), but you can find the majority of it here.

If you are looking for particular information and it's missing, please ask frequent contributors, call the voicemail line (206-666-4463), post on the Distorted View Facebook page, or post on this inactive thread. We hope to add missing information.