DV Daily/Sep 09 2009

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Distorted View episode
DVgrin 2.jpg
Saturday; September 9th, 2009
Airdate September 9th, 2009
Duration 36:14

Intro Audio

  • Fred Phelps sermon/Sniff Freaks/Handle a Lube Job/Fisted Guy mashup

Opening Segment

  • Tim gets some donations to help with his Credit Card

Stuff Found on the Net

Crazy Bizarre Twisted Fucked Up News

  • A Slovak driver crasher his car and was found half naked but wearing a penis pump.
  • Four prisoners in El Salvador hid some cellphones and cellphone accessories up their asses. Tim train-wreaks himself when trying to pronounce the name of the jail.
  • A Cambodian man was jailed for beating his wife (laughter sound drop) just after attending a course on domestic violence. He had a drinking problem and history of beating his wife. (Domestic violence clip)


  • Jim in Chicago theorizes that people are not donating to the show because they want Tim to go to jail over his Discover Card debt and get raped.
  • A male caller sends Tim 75$ and hopes for a weekend show but isn't a dick about it. Also wants Tim to record the show in prison.
  • A male caller praises Tim for the La Cucaracha music drops played during Mexican related stories and requests more Mexican jokes.
  • Carnel (1st and best Black Listener) calls to praise a recent show, (likely a Sextastic Tuesday segment but his audio drops out).
  • Micheal, from Memphis thanks Tim for the Thundercats "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" clip he played at the end of the Sept. 6th show. He captured it on his PDA and plays it at users that come into his office and bitch about the network.
  • A male caller was watching season 3 of Arrested Development and thinks Tim sounds exactly like a less gay Tobias. (Tim suggests listeners checkout Mr. Show).
  • A male Canadian listener was reminded of a story that happened to one of his mom's friend (and is completely not an urban legend). A women went to a doctor or dentist due to tooth pain discovered she had maggots in her gums. According to the doctor, the only possible cause was that she had gaven a blowjob to a guy who had been fucking animals or dead people. She then finds out her boyfriend's family owns a morgue.
  • A male first-time caller from Honduras calls in.

Outro Music and/or Clip

  • "Radio Tokyo" by Marvelous 3
  • Weather Gay


  • The high-pitched "OH MY GOD!" clip often used in the intro is from the Weather Gay (he is scared out of his ass by a cockroach).
  • Tim rants about the Girls Gone Wild late-night commercials.
  • People who haven't been listing have emailed asking why the show is being posted at strange times. Tim has been going into work at 10:00pm and is recording the show before he goes to work.